Welcome to the ElementalFalls Applications page, where you can see the links to apply for the different teams we require on our staff team.


Some important information before you begin...

Welcome to ElementalFalls applications. We are glad to see you are wanting to apply for one of our team positions! Just so you know, spam, misuse or unlreated content in the applications will not be tolerated and will result in an instant removal from our network.

We ensure the applications are thoughly read and spoken within the management team.

Support Team 

Looking to support the players, build the community and be a well known supporter?

Development Team

Wanting to put time into developing our network including configuration editing, plugin creation and experience?

Build Team

Wanting to create builds which amaze the players and show off your talent?

Applications FAQ

Here are some frequently asked questions when applying for the team.

Applications will take up to fourteen (14) days to process by our management team and if you do not hear from us by then, you may open a ticket in our Discord or directly message one of them. If you mention your application/ask if it can be read by one of the staff team then this will result in an instant denial. 

We require your name since we would like to greet you by this name when discussing in a voice chat instead of saying "Hey WilliamsXD1, what's your next project?" using their MC name. If you are uncomfortable stating your name, please write a nickname of what you want to be called, such as "Will".

We require your age in order to best put you into one of the groups in whichever application you complete as they are categoried by age, experience and other factors.

If you can, yes please. The scenario questions are vastly different throughout the application. If not, please apply for the role you are mostly going to work in.

The Management Team

Meet the team behind the development and administration working endlessly to create one of the best MC networks possible.



minecraftdan1234 - Owner

With 10 years of Minecraft behind me and 7+ years of server hosting, development, administration and support, creating ElementalFalls, a successful MC Network, is one of my goals in life.



PurpleSheepMC - Staff Manager

Mineraft is my passsion, with managing servers, to keeping staff teams in check for over 5 years. My goal is to ensure all teams show their best work, empowering them to be hardworking individuals.